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"No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contributions of half of its citizens."

-Michelle Obama-

What this book will teach you

This is a collaboration book of boss women teaching you on their experiences of growing businesses, climbing the corporate ladder, running a family and at the same time staying strong powerful women.

Some of what you will learn include

  • Tips on being successful in business
  • How to have a balance family life
  • How to grow in your career
  • How to also grow strong girlfriend relationships
  • and more!

About The Author

Jacqueline Purcell & Shanda Harper

As two little brown girls growing up in what we now know was “the hood”, we envisioned our lives playing out much better than the cards we were dealt. Being pregnant at the senior prom and having a three-week-old baby in tow at the high school graduation was just the beginning.

Life got real and prepared or not, we were now on a path to what seemed like a never-ending struggle. We didn’t know much, but what we did know was we were determined to do anything possible to sidestep the stereotypes and eliminate the judgments.

Our struggles made us stronger, the chaos made us resilient and the smackdowns set us up for success. We’re living proof that being a teen mom doesn’t equal armageddon! Anything is possible when you know God, understand the power of prayer, and believe in your ability to manifest."